Enjoy Nevada’s great outdoors

The best parks in Nevada

When it comes to seeing Nevada’s scenic beauty, you can’t beat one of our amazing state parks. No matter what kind of outdoor recreation you enjoy, there is a Nevada park which can oblige. Here are our picks for the top three parks in Nevada.

Cathedral Gorge State Park

Called one of Nevada’s “best-kept secrets,” this park is fun during the daytime, but amazing on a clear, moonless summer night. Over 100 miles from the nearest city lights, Cathedral Gorge offers unparalleled stargazing.

Valley of Fire State Park

Nevada’s sandstone geology is on brilliant display at Valley of Fire State Park, and a visitor’s center can help you explore both the park’s miles of hiking trails and its long history of human habitation, all the way back to prehistoric culture.

Ruby Mountains Scenic Area

Most people think of deserts when they think of Nevada, but we have mountain forests, too. The Ruby Mountains are host to the Ruby Crest National Recreation trail, and offers backcountry skiing opportunities in winter as well.

Image courtesy Flickr/Beau Rogers